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GLOSSARY Ādāb (singular: adab): etiquette; accepted manner of doing something (more…) Related posts The Value of Hizmat (0) The purpose of visiting the murshid (0) ...
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Everything Is In His Hands

a Turkmen bey (lord, noble) arrived to enter the presence of the great ārif, Hazrat Shayhulislām Ahmad-i Jāmī. He had his family with him. The ...
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Wird / Dhikr Lesson

The most effective medication for the disease of ghaflah (heedlessness) is the dhikr performed in the form of wird. (more…) Related posts Wird / Dhikr ...
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Rabita is one way of being with one’s Murshid, who is a pious servant and a kamil friend of Allah Ta’ala (more…) Related posts Rabita ...
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The Most Honorable Gathering

If the people knew the virtue of gathering for Khatme/dhikr, they would come to Khatme even if ill or disabled.. (more…) Related posts The Most ...
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Hatma-i Hājagān

Hatma is a type of dhikr which is performed in jamaat (congregation), sitting in the shape of circle or ring. Making dhikr in a circle ...
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