Everything Is In His Hands

a Turkmen bey (lord, noble) arrived to enter the presence of the great ārif, Hazrat Shayhulislām Ahmad-i Jāmī. He had his family with him. The woman was holding a child with an extremely face. The child was blind. The parents were in a great deal of sadness. They approached Hazrat Ahmad-i Jāmī in a state of sorrow, and begged:

“Sir! This is our only son. He is in every way apart from his blindness. We have been all around the world and consulted many doctors, but to no avail. We have been to many walīs and great folks for their duaās, but received no result. We are very wealthy, and are prepared to sacrifice it all for this purpose. We heard that Allāh accepts your prayers, and have come to you. Please cast your nazar on this child and pray for him, so that his eyes may be opened, and we will give you all our wealth. If you do not provide himmat either, we will destroy ourselves! Please do not reject us.” After that they began to weep and wail. The great walī was shocked by such a request, for they had asked him for something akin to a miracle. He considered this to be against adab, and replied,

“What a strange request! It is only Īsā (AS) ( Jesus) who performed the miracle of restoring to the blind. Who do you think Ahmad-i Jāmī is, to ask such a thing of him?” He slowly began to walk away. Upon which the Turkmen bey and his wife threw themselves on the floor and began to sob noisily. At that moment, and entered Ahmad-i Jāmī’s heart; a voice echoed within him and he involuntarily uttered the following words:

“We will do it, not him!”

Those around him heard these words. Ahmad-i Jāmī suddenly turned back; he approached the child, pressed his thumbs against the little boy’s eyes and said, “With Allāh’s permission, open your eyes and see!”

He removed his hands and the child began to see clearly and brightly. Everybody was stunned. The boy’s parents hugged him, began to weep again, requested permission and left amidst tears of joy. Those who were present asked Hazrat Ahmad-i Jāmī:

“Sir! First you said ‘Who do you think Ahmad-i Jāmī is, to ask such a thing of him’ and then you said ‘we will do it, not him’. What does this mean?” To which the respected Shayh replied:

“The first words were mine and they were true. I could not have summoned the power to do the requested task myself. The next words were not mine; they were inspired to my and they descended to my secret (sirr). That was an from my Rabb. It was revealed to me:

‘Is it Īsā who resurrects the dead, or Īsā who opens the eyes of the blind, or Īsā who unties the tongue of the dumb? It is Us who does all that!’ And then: ‘Go back, for We have made you the means for restoring the child’s eyesight!’ This had such a powerful effect on my that the words came out of my mouth involuntarily. The words and the action came from Allāh Ta’ālā, but appeared in Ahmad’s hands and seemed to be from his breath.” [1]


[1] Mevlânâ Safî, Rashahat (sad. Necip Fazl), p. 142-143.

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