Islam and Humanity


Almighty stated the following in our Holy Qur’an:

“The true religion in the sight of is Islam.” (Âli Imrân 19)

Again, He says:

“This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. Thisday I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion.” (Mâ’idah 3)

These verses clearly state that the Religion of Islam is the only correct way for humanity and it will continue unabated until the Day of Judgment.

What a marvelous system of justice, compassion and mercy Islam is had been manifested in various ways from the earliest days. It is striking that firstly the poor and oppressed people of Makkah as well as the people closest to him professed their faith and became honoured with Islam when the Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) started preaching Islam. This was the first reaction of the mushriks1; they could not accept being equal with those they considered to be from the lower class, with slaves. The leaders of the society feeling it beneath themselves to have the same rights and status as their slaves is counted among the first reasons of hostility towards Islam.

There are two characteristics that Islam brought to believers in the difficult years in Makkah al-Mukarramah. One is to reach the essence of creation by being honored with faith, that is to be people of Tawhid; the second is to be strong by standing shoulder to shoulder with the brotherhood of faith and fight against cruelty. Believers in poverty were glorified by the brotherhood of faith and empowered; justice, safety and mercy spread primarily in all societies honoured with Islam.

As it is stated in the verse; “who restrain anger and who pardon the people – and loves the doers of good.” (Al-i Imran, 134), believers chose to forgive instead of being reactive and adopted the principle of receiving the consent of Almighty. Again as stated in the book, “You are of a great morality.” (Qalam 4), the lives of societies have turned into gulistan (garden of roses) with the Qur’an and Sunnah. This fact is in line with the purpose of sending Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) and with the hadith of “I have been sent to perfect good character.”

In every community honoured with Islam, the concept of Tawhid has settled first. Thus, they have adopted the principle of living with the consciousness that the world is mortal, people are tested in this world, and that their deeds will be weighed and taken into account in the Ākhirah. As a matter of fact, the only thing in the world that can restrain human beings against the cruelty and oppression of their nafs is faith. No system in the world can establish the consciousness of justice and compassion rightly. The only factor that will provide this for someone is to be able to look at his own existence, the existence of other people and the total universal existence from the point of having faith in the Lord of the Worlds.

Our supreme religion, Islam, is the only religion compatible with the human nature, that is, the characteristics of creation. That is why it has spread to the most distant geographies in a very short time and it has been accepted by people of different cultures, races and colours. With this awareness, throughout history, Muslims have communicated our religion with this consciousness, without any hesitation or sense of deficiency.

It is this consciousness that we believers need today. Noor of Islam is new for every age, and enough to illuminate every darkness. Today, it is the only order that will illuminate the way of humanity and separate right from wrong and truth from falsehood. The spirit of justice, trust and compassion that humanity needs today and tomorrow is in Islam.

Almighty states the following in the Holy Quran:

“You are the best ummah created (as an example) for mankind…” (Âli Imrân 110)

Our sublime religion, Islam, is an indispensable need for every person’s apparent, outwardly visible life and inner world. The need to believe, to see his own existence and the whole creation in a greater sense and to be reassured by a feeling of satisfaction in the is in the nature of every human being. In addition, the high morals, which is one of the fundamentals of our religion, is the key to true civilized life; it contains the principles that every human being will adopt.

Almighty says in the Book:

has ordained for you the same religion what He enjoined upon Noah and that which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], and what We enjoined upon Abraham and Moses and Jesus – to establish the religion and not be divided therein. Difficult for those who associate others with is that to which you invite them…” (Ash-Shuara)

The real tradition, way and order of humanity is Islam. All the prophets who have come and gone have communicated the principles of Islam, fought and died for this cause.

Strengthening our faith and taking care of our deeds as those who obey the orders of our Lord will undoubtedly improve our morals and conditions. Our goodness and good morals will be instrumental in the enlightenment of our environment with the noor of Islam. May Almighty bless us with faith, as well as those who are honoured with service to Islam in these end times.

Let’s conclude by congratulating all the Muslims on the Three Holy Months we are in and especially the month of Ramadan. May Ramadan be mubarak and open our hearts and doors to all good things.

With His tawfiq and inayah…

1. Idol worshippers