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The Aim in the Creation of Man can only be understood through Prophets

When man comes to the world, he is in need of learning everything and he is ignorant of the laws of life. However, animals are sent to the world in a perfect form in accordance with their abilities as if they were made perfect in another world. They learn all of the conditions of life and their relation with the universe, the laws of life and they acquire necessary skills in two hours, two days or two months. In twenty days, an animal like a sparrow and a bee obtains the life experience that a man obtains in twenty years, that is, they are inspired.

As for man, he cannot learn the conditions of life fully in twenty years. He is in need of learning until he dies. He is sent to the world in a weak and feeble form; he can stand on two after a year or two. He can discriminate between what is harmful and what is useful for him only after fifteen years; He can obtain what is useful for him and avoid what is harmful for him only through the help of the community. That is, the natural duty of man is to become perfect through knowledge and science, and to carry out the duty of worship through prayer and supplication.

Thus, man has come to this world in order to become perfect through knowledge, science, prayer and supplication. The development of all talents and abilities depend on knowledge and science. And the essence, core, light and spirit of all of the real knowledge and science is to know , and the base of knowing is in .

The most persuasive, acceptable and correct answers to the three astonishing, difficult and terrifying questions that man faces; Who are you? Where are you coming from? And where are you going? What is your duty in this world? can only be given by prophets.

Thus, a guide who will direct men to the right path is needed. They need a teacher who will direct them to that they are seeking. Those guides and teachers are definitely prophets.

Prophets Can Describe How to Worship

The forms and parts of worships and how to perform them are given in detail in heavenly books. They can only be conveyed and taught by prophets.

Prophets are guides for people

There is a need for people with high ethics and good manners who will serve as examples in the community. They are prophets.
, who encompasses everything with His mercy and knowledge, who grants endless bounties and blessings to His creatures, did not deprive men of the divine guidance of prophets.

Meaning And Significance Of Prophethood

In the Glorious Quran, prophethood is expressed with the words nubuwwa, bi’sa, risalah and irsal. is expressed with the words , mab’uth, , mursal or their plurals.
Nubuwwa;is prophethood. It is the duty of conveying the orders of Allah to men; it is being an envoy between Allah and His slaves.

; means apostle or messenger. He is a person who was sent by Allah to a nation or to the humankind with a new book and a new (law) as a .

Nabis; are prophets who were not sent by a new book and a new but continue the book and the brought by the rasul before them.

Prophethood cannot be obtained by working; it is a grant of Allah to His selected slaves. Prophets were honored with revelation. They were equipped with superior characteristics that are not present in other men; their prophethood was confirmed by Allah through miracles that were granted to them.

In fact, the Quran points to it as follows: Such is the Bounty of Allah, which He bestows on whom He will… (al-Jumua, 62/ 4).

According to the Quran, Prophets convey the orders and prohibitions of Allah to men without decreasing or increasing anything; they know and inform them about things that they do not know and will not know through the revelation they receive from Allah. They recite the verses of Allah to men and teach them the book and wisdom; they advise them to follow the straight path and ask Allah for their .

The most perfect men among human beings are the prophets in the chain of prophethood. They are the representatives of good deeds and beauty; their opponents are the representatives of evil and ugliness.

Doubtlessly, prophethood is a heavy burden. Allah burdened people who are capable of carrying it with that load. It is stated in the Glorious Quran pointing to the heavy burden of the prophethood and the divine words as follows; Soon shall We send down to you a weighty Message (al-Muzzammil, 73/5). That the expression ” a weighty Message ” is used for the Quran here is an indication that it is a hard task to carry out its orders, to serve an example in accordance with its instructions and to bear the burden of its revelation.
Zaid bin Sabit says the following regarding the issue: “The Messenger of Allahs knee was leaning on my knee once when he received a revelation. I felt such a heavy burden on my knees that I thought my knees would be broken.”

Hazrat Aisha reported the following regarding the issue: “On an intensely cold winter day, I saw sweat dripping from the hand of Messenger of Allah when he received revelation.” 1

In another report Hazrat Aisha says the following; The Messenger of Allah was on a camel when he received revelation. The chest of the camel remained on the ground until the revelation ended. It could not move until the revelation ended “. 2

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