The Most Honorable Gathering

This is how (s.a.w) praised the congregations of people who come together and form a circle for the purpose of dhikr:

“If a group sits and remembers , surely the angels surround them, divine mercy spreads over them, saqinah descends upon them, and mentions them in His presence near His angels.”[1]

One day, (s.a.w) came across a circle formed for the purpose of performing dhikr and said:

If the people knew the virtue of for /dhikr, they would come to even if ill or disabled..

“Praise to who created these people whom He ordered me to be with.” [2]

Then he honored them by sitting among them.

Rasulullah (s.a.w), who honored this of ‘ilm (divine knowledge) and dhikr with his presence and his (which adorns heaven), does not abandon those who safeguard this amanah, who form a circle for Allah, who sit and make dhikr of almighty Allah, who learn the ilm which is his sole legacy. With Allah’s permission, he honours this poor (Islamic society) with his spiritual presence and supports them with his love and prayers.

These are the words of -i Bilvanisi (q.s) about this secret and privilege of :

“If the people knew the virtue of gathering for Khatme/dhikr, they would come to Khatme even if ill or disabled, crawling on their hands and knees [if necessary]. Because the spiritual leader of Khatme is Rasulullah (s.a.w). He honours these gatherings with his spiritual presence and he carries the wishes of the congregation to . Could anything carried by Rasulullah (s.a.w) to the Divine Presence ever be rejected?”


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